Importance of Results

The eagerness shown by all the students to see the results is in itself the proof that the results are very very important.

The results decide the course, the direction of students future line of action. Loads of things depend on the results of the exams especially at secondary and higher secondary school level. After secondary school results a student has to decide whether he wants to study science stream or arts stream or commerce stream. There are some vocational streams as well, like ITI etc. There is much importance while choosing the streams after secondary level. It will decide students future like if he wants to be an engineer or doctor or scientist or technician, he must go for science stream. Students think that there more jobs and more lucrative jobs in science stream. Hence, there is so much of rush to seek admission to science.

In most of the cases, those who are bad at Maths or overall studies, seek arts or commerce streams. But, there are some who really know the importance of arts or commerce stream. Hence, they opt for these streams.

After taking admission for science faculty also, student has to be very careful about choosing the subjects. If you want to be an engineer for sure, then Physics, Maths, Chemistry (PCM) must be the combination. Student may leave out Biology. If Biology is not left out, it will increase extra burden of studies and may affect the studies and results of core PCM group. If one wants to be a doctor for sure, then he must opt for Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) group. He may leave out Maths. The the reason is the same. If Maths is not left out, it will increase extra burden of studies and may affect the studies and results of core PCB group.

Arts students must know which subject he would like take up after completing higher secondary education (HSE). If it is settled well that he is going to study Geography or History at the college level as special subjects then, he must opt for those subjects at higher secondary school level. If there is no Geography selected at higher secondary level then there is no chance to opt for Geography at college level.

Meritorious students always opt for subjects of their choice. Hence, the limited number of seats at nearest school get filled up. Therefore, anyone having less marks but yet desiring to study those subject may not get the seat. Therefore, the results have a lots of bearing on the students future. Due to this, students plan for future a lot. They execute the course of action in a planned manner. Therefore, they reach the point they had planned.

Basis of choosing subjects

Does a student ask himself why is he opting for such and such subject or stream or faculty of education? One may argue that every one thinks a lot about future and then only selects the subjects. So, obviously, the reasons are well known. But, please ask once again. Please note down the answer in a  notebook. The answers are mostly like –

  • My senior meritorious students also selected that subject.
  • My parents want me to study that subject.
  • My father wanted to be a doctor but due to poverty he could not become. Hence, I will fulfill his dreams. Or he wants me to fulfill his dreams.
  • My teachers encourage me to study such and such subject.
  • All seek this subject and I am getting it. Hence, I must not let go the chance. After all, many who want are not getting and I am getting it. Hence, giving up it will be a big mistake.
  • This subject has good employability.
  • This subject has lucrative jobs.
  • This subject has chances of going to US, UK for higher studies.
  • The jobs related to this subject are white-collar jobs.
  • People show more respect if one is studying science.

Such answers are very common. Not that these are absolutely wrong. But, there is a basic mistake done. There is mismatch of students ability, natural talent and his undertaking. To explain it further, let us look at some practical example.

Example –

There is a student, Shyam, who is very good at singing in his school. He picks up every new song so well. His voice is melodious. He loves to sing so much. He has a very good sense of music. He easily grasps the suitabilities of music. His music teachers love him a lot. But, he is not so good at Maths. He is above average student in the class. His parents don’t like his involvement in music. They think that it’s due to Shyam’s interest in music that his studies are affected. Finally, he may miss the elite courses. There is a constant scolding about his music. There is a different music played into his ears day in and day out.

Finally, Shyam manages to get admitted to science stream after paying hefty fees. He remains the lover of music but the professional interest is always asking him to pay as much less attention to music as possible. Finally, after higher secondary he gets admitted to some engineering college, again with huge donations and fees. After getting there, he continues to do music in his leisure time. He gets some awards and medals for his musical performances. However, he doesn’t come out as bright engineer. Hence, he gets an average job. Shyam is not satisfied with the job. But, he has to do it. It earns him bread and butter.

Analise the example –

Shyam has a natural talent for music. He has gifted and enchanting voice. He loves music. He is less talented in science. He doesn’t love the science much. How can it be said that he doesn’t love science much? The test if one loves some subject is very simple. Test for yourself –

  • What occupies your mind more and more?
  • What activity relaxes you?
  • What is that where you have interest?
  • What is that where you spend more and more time?
  • What is that where overwork also is not bringing fatigue?
  • What is that which you take up when you have fatigue?
  • What is that which you understand quickly?
  • What is that which you remember effortlessly?
  • What is that where you have natural acumen?
  • What is that where you feel the people of that profession as natural friends.

In short, your talent & interest are the most importance things. Hence, the prime duty of education system is to find out the talent and interest. A student must know his talent and interest very well till completes secondary class education. To find out the talents, schools must arrange various competition with wide variety of subjects which are not part of the curricula.

Why should a student pursue the subject of his interest and talent?

  • You will enjoy the profession throughout your life.
  • You will remember the subject matter easily. You don’t have to mug the things up without understanding.
  • You won’t feel the studies as burden. So goes the famous saying – “Burden of one’s own choice is never felt.”
  • You will excel in that subject.
  • You will have the highest level of contribution to that field.
  • There is will be healthy growth of mind and body.
  • There will is be job satisfaction.

The mismatch of talent area and profession area kill the talent. One can never be the best in that field if it is not the field of talent and interest both. Mismatch of talent and profession is like making a donkey run like a horse. That can not be. That will never be.

You may ask a question as: I have talent in singing. But, I want to study science though I am not very good at it. I want to. Why is this happening? Why do I feel so?

The answer is very simple: The selection is mostly done by looking at monetary gain, foreseeable prestige, everyone around is ringing those bells in the ears, the area of talent – singing etc is always derided, the path to excellence in singing is not known, the prestige a singer or actor or a musician earns is not properly understood, the monetary gains in these branches are not clear, not may pursue these branches, the meritorious ones don’t opt for these branches be default, parents have always impressed this upon your mind, etc etc. Just have a look at the children of film artists. Do they wants their children to be doctors and engineers? Do they have no money for top class education to make them doctors and engineers? Do the film celebrities not understand the engineering and medical faculties?

Money –

The top doubt is what about money? Will the area of my talent fetch me sufficient money?

How much money is involved in engineering? Yes, an IITian, the topper, gets annual starting package to the tune of Rs.15 millions (150 crores). What about the remaining ones? What about the non IITian engineers? Do all the engineers get handsome offers? Is there no unemployment in engineering?

How much money is involved in singing? How much money does a best singer in India get per annum? How much a best actor in India get per annum? How much a top cricketer get in India per annum? A litter google search will easily give you the clear picture of the wealth of the singers and actors and cricketers.

The point here is not whether there is money in this profession or not. The main point is whether you have talent in that subject and whether you have worked hard to hone your skills in that subjects. If you have done, you are going to get attractive monetary returns. Find out and show me one talented and hardworking: musician, artist, painter, singer, linguist, historian, poet, story writer, speaker, motivator, politician, sports person, philosopher, lawyer, etc etc who is seating idle and has no money, has no respect and is no where? Can you find out?

Respect –

There are fans club for film artists, sports persons, politicians, religious personalities, public speakers, motivators, poets etc. Millions of followers on their facebook and twitter.

Have you seen the fans clubs of the IIT topper, IIM topper, medical college topper, CEOs of multinational companies? Have you ever seen crowd to have a glimpse of Microsoft CEO, Google CEO, Citicorp CEO, IBM CEO, Reliance CEO, TATA CEO? Nokia CEO? Apple CEO? Neither film artists nor engineer nor doctors provide you free service. You have to pay for tickets at cinema halls.

This makes clear where the respect naturally goes. No detailed discussion on this topic is at all necessary.


Detect the talent. Follow the talent. You will excel. You will be happy, satisfied and one of the best persons of your field. Combine the talent and interest and marvelous results will follow.

Wish you all the best on your chosen path.

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