How we do?


The students are drawn from the poor section of the society. Some of them are first generation students. They get admitted to class XI.

Courses of Studies:

The Samhita and Upanishad portion of the Vedas in particular, contain a number of mantras which are sublime, and bear profound significance. Hence an intensive study and regular recitation of the mantras are necessary so that they are not misinterpreted and no discrepancies in the original texts occur. The preservation of Vedic culture is a duty of all Indians. Since from the Vedic language has evolved classical Sanskrit which is a store-house of Indian wisdom, a thorough acquaintance with this language is a necessity. For this, the revival of Sanskrit learning is an essential pre-condition. The study of ancient Vedic and Sanskrit literature will make the students aware of India’s invaluable contribution to the world in the field of knowledge and wisdom. Thus the students will take more pride in their national and cultural heritage. In order to feel kinship with the people of India and develop patriotism in them such self-esteem is a absolutely necessary. The authorities of the Belur Math have, therefore, introduced Vedic study for the revival of Sanskrit and appreciation of our own culture.

The Vidyalaya pursues a course of studies framed by the NIOS in the Senior Secondary (XII std.) level.
Course contents:
1. Basic training in Sanskrit
2. NIOS courses

Fees and Charges:

For the Veda Vidyalaya students fees and charges are absolutely nil. All their expenses for food, clothing, boarding and educational, are borne by us. They step in the Vidyalaya empty-handed and step out rich in wisdom.

Vidyarthi Vrata:

The Vidyarthi Vrata or the vows of studentship is taken by the students in the month of September. Professing such vows is a unique feature of all residential schools and colleges run by Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission.

Cultural Activities:

Annual competition on Vedic Chanting, recitation of Sanskrit poems, Sanskrit speeches etc. are held where the participation of all students is compulsory. Some other functions such as Republic Day and National Independence Day are also observed as usual.